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German UFO Foo Fighters
Vladimir Terziski, German UFO researcher spills the beans on German UFO's
Some of the many RARE phots and supressed blueprints of the Flying Saucers withing Germany

This video contains extremely rare German photos of vertical lift UFO's from the 1930's and 1940's! Many hidden and suppressed photo and drawings are shown from the archives of Germanys elite during World War II. This video contains 4 segments of interviews that are sure to alter your thoughts of the World War II.

There are to many topics to list. Here is a general overview of what is presented:

Video Interview 1 Topics:

Even most aliens will not intervened with earth's development, and are only observers of the events. This is similar to 'Star Trek's prime directive'. The reason that they don't intervene is that the negative Karma would be so great that they would pay for this with many many future lifetimes.

Here are some of the rare photos of Germany air ships that were either influenced by or are taken directly from UFO crashed saucers:

A stealth type bomber with a flywheel that ran D1 engines. There were no windows on this craft since the pilot inside could not see anyway. The craft would fly so fast visuals would mean nothing.

The Internal spring hull Craft. Some German UFO simulations used compressed air and were built in the BMW plant.
The Germans developed a technology what is know as "Fighter Scanners". In North America they are better known as Foo Fighters

A German scientist, Victor Schamber, was the designer of many crafts and were involved in some alien type crafts. Victor Schamber was of the same class as Nicola Tesla.

People in Germany and North America photographed many of these but they were not thought of as being a craft, since all people could see would be something like a meteorite or 'ball of fire' moving at high speed across the sky (there are many of these photos on the video). Much of this research and development was suppressed from the public and even their own German Government. The video explains why they never used these Foo Fighters in World War II - there was a different agenda that the Germans had and it involved ET's.

The Belmonto Saucer with rocket engines.

Many people think that the Germans lost the war as a result of defeat from the Americans and Russians. This is not entirely the case. The Germans had technology during the war that was far advanced that anyone had thought.

Here are some examples of what people have seen and supressed by the media:

In 1945 German made UFO's could travel to moon in 1 hour!

The German enemies could not figure out where military equipment was being made, since analysis showed that the Germans had more fighting power than known factories to produce them. The Germans had Underground "Grap" tunnels. They were about 15-25 km long. Equipment was manufactured in a production line underground, lifted up in an elevator to the surface.

The speed of German 'planes' were 3.5 times faster than the fastest plane in that time. This is an estimated speed of 2,000 km per hour. According to Billy Meier - in 1942, UFO's also had a general speed of 2,000 km per hour, which was bout 3 1/2 times faster than planes of that time. A strange coincidence!

Blueprints taken from unknown manuals are displayed here.
They seem to match the drawings taken from a supressed book!

The planes in World War II basically used 4 types of fuels: Jet fuel (Kerosene ), Rocket fuel, Liquid Oxygen, or Electro Magnetics. None of these fuels could cause a plane to reach a speed of over 2,000 km per hour in that time. So what were these crafts using?

The Germans had created a South Pole base (that still exists today!). The purpose of this base was to have an escape area for scientists after the war. Admiral Byrds mission was not to investigate the South Pole, but the underlying mission was to investigate this hidden Nazi base. Admiral Byrd failed miserably to try to investigator this South Polar German base. The Russians also had bases.

The Germans had bases on the moon as early as 1930. They used UFO's to get supplies from around the world to these moon bases.

All Pictures on this site are "Snapshots" taken from the Videos.