The Secret expedition to the
South Polar Base!

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The Secret Expedition to the Nazi South Polar Base

Free Energy Saucer dreadnoughts of the Nazis. Nazi South Polar Base 1938-42 and Admiral Byrd's Failed Naval Campaign against the German Colony in 1947. The Illuminati sponsored Nazi Germany's expeditions to the Antarctic in the late 1930's, the established the colony of the Neu Schwabenland.

Admiral Byrd before the expedition to explore the German South Polar Base

By 1945 there were almost 1 million slave laborers, elite Nazi officers, engineers, scientists, and Hitler evacuated to the "Last Bastion". Germany lost the European war in 1945 in order to win the South Polar one in 1947.

This is the Film "The secret land starring men and ships of the US navy" is a documentary of that expedition. A very rare film from the US Navy detailing Admiral Byrd's failed attempt against the Nazi South Polar Base attempt. Notice the very bad acting by Admiral Byrd on this public propaganda film, misleading the public into thinking that this was an expedition of exploration of the South Polar Base.

The South Pole is larger the US and Europe put together. Admiral Byrd set out with over 4000 men on the ship Mount Olympus to cover over 10,000 miles south of America. This is the complete training video including dog sleds in preparation to go to this Antarctic trip.

Watch the footage of US airplanes get blown off the ship as they fight the extreme Antarctica winds and cold. This is the actual footage taken by the crew of their very long and painstaking trip. A 4 day trip took over 3 weeks and they were 500 miles behind their schedule.

Watch helicopter blades freeze and crash into the Antarctic waters while in flight, and a frozen submarine stuck in the ice. They leave it behind. Many ships crack from the extreme cold and fill with water, see this on film. 5 ships freeze up and 4 are almost frozen.

Ice breakers get stuck in the ice and whole battleships are left behind. Only one ship is intact and saves all the men as they jump ship. This is the actual footage that they did not want you to see! How is it that the Germans were able to colonized the Antarctic, and the Americans cant even get there!

All Pictures on this site are "Snapshots" taken from the Videos.